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🎨 I n t r o / w e l c o m e 🎨

Hello, thanks for visiting my Deviant Art page!

This is where I post my art, screenshots, photographs and
all the crafty things I make!

What you can see here:

🌘 Digital & Traditional Art 🌗 Polymer Clay Miniatures 🌖 Fan Arts 🌕 Original Characters 🌔 PS3, PS4 & PC Gaming Screenshots (WoW, Pokemon etc) 🌓 Other Crafts! 🌒

What is your style like and what materials do you work with?
(Art Summary)

I use a Wacom Bamboo CTL-470 drawing tablet and draw random little digital pieces, working mainly on Gimp. I also like FireAlpaca, MS Paint,, Aseprite, MS Word to edit and finish off some pieces, and also use the photo editing app Aviary. I love taking photos of scenery, wildlife and food & drink, and really like editing photos and decorating things to make them look cute, individual and customized.

I also create polymer clay figurines and love making jewellery, ornaments and other little nic-nacs. I am good at sewing and mending things, and love to draw, colour and paint with traditional tools.
I'm more of a hobbyist than an artist, but arts and crafts are one of my favourite escapes and
it's really rewarding to create something of your own.

I mostly spend my time on DeviantArt looking at the amazing works by other people!

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:new: :new: :new: :new: :new: :new: :new: :new: :new: :new:

:spotlight-left: Happy Place :spotlight-right:

:spotlight-left: Polymer clay Baby Groot! :spotlight-right:

:spotlight-left: She will move the moon :spotlight-right:

👾 I _ p l a y _ W o W! 🐉

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

👾 Your main character: Floyda

🐲 Main's race & class: Draenei Paladin

👾 What's your main spec./combat role?: Retribution (DPS) + Protection (Tank). I mainly use DPS for raids & dungeons but tanking is so much more fun for questing!

🐲 What other characters do you have?: Demon Hunter, Troll Druid, Gnome Mage, Undead Rogue, Blood Elf Warrior, Pandaren Hunter and some others!

👾 How long have you been playing WoW?: Since May 2016


Here I'll post the occasional update from WoW so you can see what I'm getting up to!

Floyda now has two Paladin specification hidden artifact appearances. The green/skulls Ashbringer for Retribution (DPS) and the pretty glowing purple Truthguard for Protection (Tank). Got the Truthguard one in a Withered Army Training cache and did the big evil slime/fishing questline for the Ashbringer one. Woo! So happy with these two. Might try and get the healing one at some point too!

🌌 You're All The Stars In My Galaxy 🌌


They could only gaze at the night sky

trying to decifer vague constellations,

galaxies away from the star

and the one who made her shine brightest.


🌌 A b o u t _ m e 🌌

🎓🐱🍣☕🏯 Bio... 👾🔬🍔🐴🎎

StarGalaxy is a short, emotional nerd lady who loves Guardians of the Galaxy, World of Warcraft, creating art and crafty things and eating as much food as she can get her paws 🐾 on whilst keeping exactly how much food she eats a complete secret!
My dream is to visit Japan 🎎 and outer space 🚀 and become a magical kawaii princess with cute pastel-pink hair.

You can find me
online in other places:

📌 Blizzard / BattleNet: StarGalaxy

📌 PSN: Valor744

📌 Steam: StarGalaxy12

📌 I also feature in some gaming livestreams with my boyfriend! You can watch us goof around and also watch my bf's gameplays - if you like finely-crafted puns and a relaxed, friendly stream atmosphere you'll love watching his videos! At the moment he regularly streams Stardew Valley, Evil Genius, Civilisation 6 and Dark Souls.
✱✱You can find all of these videos by searching for "Thynris" on YouTube! ✱✱

Instagram New Icon by poserfan Also, visit my Instagram page! Instagram New Icon by poserfan

super rad nerdy pics

:note: If you'd like to add me on any of these social links, send me a note first so we can chat! I'd love to hear about what games you like too! :note:

🌸 N i f t y _ i c o n s, _ GIFs, _ e t c 🌸

She hunts down stamps _ w i t h o u t _ m e r c y 🔪


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